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Reminder: Quad landscapes and campus routes consultation period extended

Quad landscape project

Early concept image for possible quad design.

The online consultation period for proposals on the quad landscapes and campus routes projects has been extended to Saturday 20 May. 

In addition, exhibition boards that were previously on display at Henley Business School have now been moved into the front entrance area of Eat at The Square (next to RUSU). The boards will remain there until the online consolation period closes on Saturday 20 May. 

The proposals 

We are inviting staff and students to provide feedback on early proposals for two separate but closely related projects. The quads outside the Palmer building, URS and the Library come alive during the summer, but are not used as much during other times of the year. The University is proposing improvements to the quads to create a more vibrant focal point at the centre of the campus.

The second project will create an integrated series of routes that facilitate safe and enjoyable walking and cycling on the campus.

Quads Landscape Strategy

What is being proposed?

Palmer Quad – It is proposed that both the hard (paved) and soft (planted) landscape of the quads are upgraded. A new space will allow safer cycle and pedestrian movement while offering the opportunity for events to be held in the space throughout the year. A performance space with the necessary infrastructure to support events is also proposed for this quad.

Library Quad – This will pick up changes needed to pathways to fit with the new proposals for the URS building and to enable pedestrians and cyclists to both use these safely, whilst retaining the green and tranquil feel of this quad.

Edith Morley Quad – A limited number of subtle enhancements are proposed to this quad. The existing lawn within the space could be sculpted to create a space for small scale evening recitals and events. There is potential to give the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology a greater external presence.

Campus Routes Strategy

What is being proposed?

On road routes – A core aspiration of the Campus Routes Strategy is to reduce the dominance of motor vehicles. The road environment needs to be inclusive and accommodate people walking and cycling.

Off road routes – Lack of space is an issue when large numbers of students and staff emerge at similar times. Wider routes have greater capacity and allow room for cyclists and pedestrians to move comfortably together

Key spaces (outside the Quads) – There are four key spaces across the campus, which could benefit from modifications. These spaces play an important role in strategic cycle and pedestrian routes across the campus.

Campus gateways – The gateways to the Whiteknights campus represent a key location, a point for the University to express its identity and differentiate itself from the surrounding road network. Redesigning the three main entrance points could help calm traffic speeds and prioritise pedestrian movement.

More details on the consultation can be found on the University website (due to be updated shortly). 

Send your thoughts on the proposals to

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