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IT services restored following remedial work


Update at 2.30 pm: Remedial work on the affected infrastructure has been successful and most services are now restored. There are a few exceptions that are being investigated as a matter of priority: Timetabling, MyID and Comino. If there are other systems that are affected please let us know.

Work is ongoing and as such there may be the need for interruptions, but at the moment we do not anticipate the need for this. An incident review will be held over the next few days to investigate the cause, how we responded and how we can improve the processes for the future.

Update at 11.30 am: Remedial work on the affected infrastructure has been completed and services have started to be restored to normal performance by midday. Agresso will be available shortly and Sits will be available by 1130

Update at 10.30 am: Services are now being restored, but should be considered at risk and in a degraded state. This will be experienced as slowness or in some cases a loss of service. Some services such as Blackboard, email and the main University website are still available and unaffected.

As a result of planned maintenance on the physical infrastructure we have experienced an unexpected interruption to service affecting a number of central services. We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and will be bringing services back online over the course of the morning.

For more information, visit the TOPdesk landing page, on Twitter, and the IT blog.

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