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New expense claim available

New expense claim available

The University’s expense claim form has been updated following recent HMRC revisions to fuel allowances for lease cars.

Each quarter HMRC reviews its official fuel allowances for lease cars and on this occasion it has chosen to amend them. The latest changes came into effect from 1 March 2017. 

The University’s policy relating to mileage rates has been revised to reflect the latest guidelines– staff who have purchased cars using the University's salary sacrifice scheme will be affected by these changes.  

As per our standard practice, the Excel expense claim form available on our Expense Claims page has been revised. Staff, students and visitors should now use version 2.14 of the expenses form.   

The Online Expenses Tool has also been updated. 

Paper expenses claim forms 

The previous version of the Excel claim form, version 2.13, will be accepted up to Friday 31 March. 

After this date, only version 2.14 will be processed by Accounts Payable, regardless of the nature of the claim. 

Colleagues are reminded to access claim forms via the Expense Claims page – please do not save copies of the form.  

If submitting a paper claim, please ensure that content is typed up – handwritten forms will not be accepted.  

Please visit our Expense Claims page for full details. 

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