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Call for bids for funding for Diversity and Inclusion initiatives

Funding available for Diversity & Inclusion initiatives

The University of Reading 2026 Strategy aims for a thriving and vibrant community of staff and students. To achieve this, diversity and Inclusion activities have been re-energised via the appointment of the Deans, Prof Simon Chandler-Wilde and Prof Ellie Highwood in 2015. In parallel, RUSU have appointed their first ever full time Diversity Officer, Sed Joshi.

However, valuing and celebrating diversity and ensuring inclusion is not just something that is “done” by individuals or indeed a “Diversity Team”. It needs to become a way of life across our University. There is a lot of good practice throughout Schools and Functions that we have enjoyed hearing about in our first year as Deans. 

We are delighted to now announce the availability of a fund to support initiatives relating to the embedding of diversity and inclusion – made possible by funds from the Vice Chancellor.

We are looking for projects led from anywhere across the University that would benefit from a small amount of funding, for example to support staff time, produce materials e.g. for teaching or recruitment, or to hold an event with a diversity and inclusion relevance. 

The total amount of funding available for this academic year 2016-2017 is £4,500 and we would like to see requests for individual activities between £500 and £1,000. The funding will need to be spent by the end of July 2017. Assessment will be based on the following principles:

  • Diversity and Inclusion relevance specifically to School, Function or University
  • Link to School / Function / University targets or KPIs (University ones attached) – although we would also encourage initiatives relevant to other protected characteristics e.g. age, disability
  • Potential and plan for longer term impact on wider University

Applications should be made on the attached form, and submitted via email to by 12 noon on Friday 20 January 2017.

See the full funding guide for further details. 

Ellie Highwood and Simon Chandler-Wilde

Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

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