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The Blackout returns tonight for the Green Festival

Blackout 2016

Lights out… our students will be looking out for equipment to switch off to cut down wasted energy.

The ever-popular NUS Blackout returns to the University tonight as part of the Green Festival.  

From 6:00pm, students will sweep the campus in search of electrical equipment that can be switched off – the aim is to see just how much electricity could be saved over an average weekend if all unessential equipment was turned off instead of being left on unnecessarily.

Colleagues are reminded to clearly mark any equipment that should not be switched off to avoid disruption to research or important procedures. 

From Blackout HQ, teams of volunteers will be sent to explore buildings across Whiteknights London Road campuses, on the lookout to switch off as much equipment as possible. What makes the Blackout unique is that is gives many students a chance to explore the University in an unusual, out-of-hours way, often with access to places students don’t usually get to see. 

There will be live data feeds back at Blackout HQ so teams can track the amount of energy being saved, plus lots of hoodies to give away and free pizza to keep everyone going!

Last year we had over 120 people join us for what was a really good evening and we’ve pulled some of the highlights together here. To see what’s planned for this year and to sign up please visit:

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