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University introduces new academic contract and updated HR policies for all staff

New employment contract for academics 2017

The University is pleased to announce that it has reached agreement with staff representatives on a new employment contract for academic staff and new HR policies applicable to all categories of staff.

We are very grateful to our colleagues from the UCU and the Staff Forum for their contribution to a lengthy period of consultation. In accordance with our local recognition agreement the contract and policy documents have now been collectively agreed.

Employment contract for academic Staff

The new employment contract (which applies to academic colleagues only) is available for colleagues to view on the Employment contract and policies page.

The contract will become effective for current academic employees on 1January 2017 and those staff will be emailed their personalised version no later than 1 February 2017. Upon receiving their personalised contract, colleagues will have the opportunity to review the front sheet and inform HR Operations if any of the personal information is inaccurate. 

If you have been continuously employed by the University since before 20 November 1987 and have not been promoted since that date you may have security of tenure. Members of staff with security of tenure will continue to be employed on their current terms and their tenure will be protected. If you fall into this category, a member of HR will write to you separately in due course. 

Further information about the contract can be found on the Employment contract and policies page. 

HR Policies to apply to all staff

The suite of new HR policies will be effective from 1 January 2017, and will apply to all staff across the University. 

The procedures have been prepared following the removal of Statute XXXIII (which contained procedures for academic staff), meaning that all colleagues, whether or not academic staff, are subject to the same policies.

The new policies relate to:

  • Grievances; 
  • Discipline and Dismissal; 
  • Performance Management; 
  • Ill Health; and 
  • Restructuring. 

The new policies can be viewed on the Employment contract and policies page and will be available on the HR webpages after 1 January 2017. 

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