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Reading professors share knowledge with NUIST-Reading Academy students

Dr Adam Squires and Dr David Nutt  at NUIST-Reading Academy

Dr Squires delivers a lecture on kinetics to the second year students in China.

Physical Chemistry professors Dr Adam Squires and Dr David Nutt have swapped the classrooms of Reading for Nanjing this week.

The teaching exchange follows the launch of the NUIST-Reading Academy, a joint partnership between the University of Reading and Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST). The institute offers a range of joint degree programmes, with over 200 new students joining last September.  

Even before the creation of the Academy, the Department of Chemistry has shared links with NUIST over the past 5 years. With Chemistry being one of the undergraduate programmes taught at the Academy, final year students in China have an opportunity to spend their final year studying in the UK.  

This week, Dr Squires and Dr Nutt have delivered the same lecture programmes they would usually teach in the UK – in fact, Dr Squires will be delivering his entire lecture course on kinetics in the space of one week! 

The lecture room shown in the photo was built specially for students of the Reading-NUIST Academy. All new rooms are built in an “English” style, with curtains, wall-mounted columns and a traditional fireplace.

Students at the Academy can currently study for 4 undergraduate degree programmes in Chemistry, Economics, Maths and Environmental Sciences and next year it is hoped that further pathways in Meteorology will be added.

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