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Campus Author - Football referees? You must be joking!


Emeritus Professor Brian Palmer

ISBN-10: 1479224472

ISBN-13: 978-1479224470

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (9 Dec 2012)

Emeritus Professor Brian Palmer has produced an unexpected publication - not an article for a learned journal, but a book of funnies about football referees! 

After being a keen player in his youth, Professor Palmer was a referee for some 20 years. In 1999 he created the Reading Referees' Association website, designed for players and fans as well as referees.  Along with articles about refereeing he included a page of funnies, many original - And now have a laugh on us!  - which was regularly added to.

Coming across the master-list by chance on his computer hard disk and seeing a note about publishing via Amazon, he decided to design both a book cover and interior to present the collection of jokes, quotations, funny stories and so on, to the unsuspecting international public.

Although books of jokes about football are not uncommon, this is believed to be the first devoted entirely to jokes about football referees.

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