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Campus Author: The Complete CBT Guide for Anxiety

The Complete CBT Guide for Anxiety

Editors Peter Cooper, Roz Shafran and Lee Brosan

Constable and Robinson

ISBN: 978-1849018968

Releasing on January 31 2013 The Complete CBT Guide for Anxiety, conceived by Professor Peter Cooper and co-edited by Professor Roz Shafran, leading Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) practitioners in the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Studies, is unique in that it covers all aspects of anxiety.

Professor Roz Shafran said: "We were motivated to produce a self-help book that provided the common principles of cognitive behaviour therapy shared among all the anxiety disorders while retaining the unique characteristics of the disorder-specific interventions.

"The result is a self-help guide that will be particularly useful to the large number of people who have more than one form of anxiety disorder. Having 'Tips for supporters' is an important feature of the book as the family and friends of those with anxiety are important resources that are often overlooked."

Recession, unemployment, crime, accidents, illness; any of these challenges are enough to make people feel anxious, worried, or even fearful at some point or other. However, for some people, their feelings of anxiety can become exaggerated and spiral out of control, leading to psychological problems such as anxiety disorders.

This pioneering book offers accessible information in a single volume on the various forms of anxiety disorders and the cognitive behavioural therapies that have been developed for treating them. The guide begins with general information about anxiety and CBT, and then goes on to describe the full range of anxiety disorders in individual chapters, covering: panic, phobias, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress, generalized anxiety disorder, and health disorder. 

Each chapter has been written by prominent experts in CBT and mental health who have developed the disorder-specific treatment and undertaken research which shows that it works.


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