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Professor Patterson completes his trilogy and becomes Editor-in-Chief of the Econometrics journal

Professor Kerry Patterson

Professor Kerry Patterson

'This editorship is a wonderful opportunity not only to raise my own profile, but that of the University' Professor Kerry Patterson

Professor Kerry Patterson of the Department of Economics, has recently concluded his ‘trilogy' on an important topic in econometrics; the concluding book entitled ‘Unit Root Tests in Time Series, Volume 2: Extensions and Developments' was published in August, and was preceded by Volume 1 and the introductory volume entitled ‘A Primer for Unit Root Tests'. In November he was appointed as Editor-in-Chief of a new journal entitled Econometrics, with a distinguished Editorial Board.

The trilogy has taken Professor Patterson around 10 years to complete and consists of a massive 1,500 pages! This substantial piece of work helps to counterbalance the apparently diminishing place of books in economics and econometrics.

During this ten year journey, Professor Patterson has also been writing articles and has often been asked to be an external examiner and a PhD external examiner; he has also recently been asked to be an expert reviewer for another UK university ahead of the forthcoming REF. Moreover, in recognition of these efforts and successes, Professor Patterson was recently appointed Editor-in-Chief of a new journal entitled Econometrics. Such editorships are very prestigious in academic terms and recognise the place of Reading on the international frontiers of the subject and so increase Reading's exposure around the world.

Continuing his quest for scholarly excellence, Professor Patterson hopes to encourage extended journal articles to be published. He said: "I hope to be able to influence the long-term development of econometrics and will encourage actively and by reputation the submission of high-quality research in theory and applications. It is an honour to be a part of such an elite board of editors who are internationally well regarded and acclaimed academics, and reads a like a ‘who's who' of the econometrics world!"

"This editorship is a wonderful opportunity not only to raise my own profile, but to put Reading even further on the map. Journals are very international and this journal will now be strongly associated with the University of Reading - I hope that this will encourage more international students to come and study here."

Professor Patterson's books and those in his series (Palgrave Texts in Advanced Econometrics) are valuable opportunities for all interested in econometrics and applied statistics. They will also be of interest to academics in other disciplines, which use time series data, such as geography, climate change and meteorology.

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