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Academic promotions from 1 October 2012

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The following members of staff have been promoted to either Professor, Reader or Senior Lecturer as of 1 October 2012. This was decided by the Joint Standing Committee of Council and Senate on the Personal Title of Professor, Reader and Senior Lecturer. 




Dr Matthew Almond

Professor of Chemistry Education

Dr Janet Barlow

Professor of Environmental Physics

Dr Victor Becerra

Professor of Automatic Control

Dr Chris Collins

Professor of Environmental Chemistry

Dr Alison Donnell

Professor of Modern Literatures in English
(with effect from 1 January 2012)

Dr Timothy Duff

Professor of Greek

Dr Wayne Hayes

Professor of Polymer Chemistry

Dr Andy Kempe

Professor of Drama Education

Dr Ioannis Kokkoris

Professor of Law and Economics

Dr Slawomir Nasuto

Professor of Cybernetics

Dr Beatrice Pelloni

Professor of Mathematics

Dr Patricia Riddell

Professor of Applied Neuroscience

Mr Alun Rowlands

Professor of Art

Dr John Russell

Professor of Art

Dr Phiroze Vasunia

Professor of Classics

Dr Matt Worley

Professor of Modern History


Dr Che Connon

Reader in Tissue Engineering and Cell

Dr David Grimes

Reader in African Meteorology
(with effect from 21 December 2011)

Dr Chris Harty

Reader in Design and Construction Innovation

Dr Christina Hellmich

Reader in International Relations and Middle East Studies
(with effect from 1 June 2012)

Dr Mark Nixon

Reader in Modern Literature

Dr Fiona Ross

Reader in Non-Latin Type Design

Senior Lecturers

Dr Alison Bailey

Senior Lecturer in Agricultural Business Management

Dr Rob Banham

Senior Lecturer in Graphic Communication
(with effect from 1 January 2012)

Dr Stephen Banks

Senior Lecturer in Law

Dr Berry Billingsley

Senior Lecturer in Science Education

Dr Dimitris Charalampopoulos

Senior Lecturer in Food Biotechnology

Dr Andre Cobb

Senior Lecturer in Organic Chenistry

Dr Joanne Elliott

Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Dr Francesca Greco

Senior Lecturer in Drug Delivery

Dr Robert Hosfield

Senior Lecturer in Palaeolithic Archaeology

Dr Fiona Knott

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

Dr Daniela La Penna

Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies

Dr Stephen Langdon      

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics

Dr Sally Lloyd-Evans

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography

Dr Matthew Nicholls

Senior Lecturer in Classics

Ms Tina O'Connell

Senior Lecturer in Art

Dr Carol Padgett

Senior Lecturer in Finance

Dr Sara Poole

Senior Lecturer in French

Dr Lisa Purse

Senior Lecturer in Film

Dr Rebecca Rist

Senior Lecturer in History

Dr Lisa Sampson

Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies

Dr Graham Schafer

Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Development

Dr C. Srinivasan

Senior Lecturer in Agricultural and Development Economics

Dr Katja Strohfeldt-Venables

Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr Simone Varotto

Senior Lecturer in Finance

Dr Carol Wagstaff

Senior Lecturer in Crop Quality for Health

Dr Hong Wei

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

In addition:

  • Dr Len Shaffrey (from 1October 2011) and Dr Steve Woolnough (from 1 October 2012) have become Principal Research Fellows (School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences)
  • Dr Patricia Bossons, Director of the Henley Centre for Coaching and Facilitation has been accorded the personal title of Associate Executive Professor
  • Dr Jean-Anne Stewart, Director of Corporate Qualification Programmes and Facilitation Services, Henley Business School, has been accorded the personal title of Associate Executive Professor


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