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Campus Author - Ethics Protocols and Research Ethics Committees

Ethics Protocols and Research Ethics Committees

Professor Dan Remenyi, Nicola Swan and Dr Ben Van Den Assem

 Academic Publishing International

 ISBN: 978-1-906638-99-3

Ethics Protocols and Research Ethics Committees - Successfully Obtaining Approval for your Academic Research.

In the past few years ethics approval for research in business studies has become of paramount importance. Previously it was only medical researchers, students and scientists who needed ethical approval for investigation of animals or humans. In the present day anyone who is carrying out any kind of study needs ethical approval, even for something as small as a questionnaire. Some researchers who were not anticipating this have found it difficult to prepare the necessary application to obtain permission and this book helps such researchers.

This book is not solely a guide of how to complete an ethics application; it also delves into the background of ethical research and explains why ethics is such an important issue. To illustrate this, it discusses previous misconduct in a way that makes this book especially interesting.

E-books copies are also available at Amazon for Kindle, or an e-pub version which allows you to read the book on your computer.

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