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Professor Heuser honoured in Germany

Professor Beatrice Heuser

Professor Beatrice Heuser

Professor Beatrice Heuser, School of Politics and International Relations is a leading British authority on International Relations. She has recently published her book, The Evolution of Strategy: Thinking War from Antiquity to the Present in English after receiving excellent reviews when the book was published in German in April 2010 - in fact it has already been reprinted in Germany.

Because of her excellent academic reputation, Beatrice was recently asked to give a keynote lecture at the Humboldt University in Berlin for the international conference on 'Security and Risk' organised to celebrate the Humboldt's 200th anniversary. Beatrice's keynote lecture was entitled, "The Rise and Fall of the Napoleonic Paradigm".

Beatrice was invited by Humboldt's Professor Christiane Eisenberg in their Centre of British Studies and Professor Herfried Muenkler, in the Department of Philosophy, both admirers of Beatrice's work.

Professor Muenkler, a leading authority himself, gave an excellent review of Beatrice's book, in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the German equivalent of The Times. She had another equally good review in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the German equivalent of The Guardian. 

The Evolution of Strategy:Thinking War from Antiquity to the Present

Professor Beatrice Heuser, the University of Reading

Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521155243

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