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Campus author - Outdoor Learning in the Early Years


Helen Bilton, Director of PGCE the Primary Programme

ISBN - 9780415454773

Lack of activity, childhood obesity and the resulting health complications are of major concern throughout the UK, so the publication of Helen Bilton's book, Outdoor Learning in the Early Years, which stresses the importance of outdoor activity for children's health and education, comes at an appropriate time.

Helen Bilton, Director for the PGCE Primary Programme, is a leading expert on teaching and learning in the outdoor environment. Her book is aimed at early years staff, who work with children aged between three and five years old. It includes practical advice on setting up and managing the outdoor environment, and covers other areas such as how to cater for both boys and girls.

"Apart from the obvious physical benefits, children also behave differently outside," said Mrs Bilton. "Research shows that their level of conversation increases, there is a better gender mix and they have a much more ‘can do' approach.

"As the level of physical activity in children declines, outdoor learning is even more important. There has been a decrease in the numbers of children walking to school and many do not get the opportunity to play outside at home."

This book will serve as both a text book for Higher and Further Education and as a guide for practitioners.

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