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Staff Responsibilities and Representatives

Staff Responsibilities 2018-9 

Departmental Staff Responsibilities
Staff Responsibility
Dr Karen Poulter

School Director of Teaching and Learning

Dr Fazil Baksh 

PhD Coordinator (Statistics)
Exam Scrutineer (Statistics)
Programme Director - Math/Psych, Math/Stats

Dr Nick Biggs 

Undergraduate Admissions Officer
Exam Scrutineer (Applied Mathematics)
Environmental Coordinator
Personal Tutorial Coordinator
Part 1 Coordinator

Dr Horatio Boedihardjo 

Newton Institute Correspondent 
CDT MPE Wednesday Coordinator

Dr Jochen Broecker

Co-director at Reading of the Mathematics of Planet Earth CDT

PhD Director of Studies at the Mathematics of Planet Earth CDT

Mrs Brigitte Calderon

Deputy Health and Safety Coordinator (Mathematics and Statistics)

Dr Peter Chamberlain

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Work Placements Tutor
Programme Director - Maths BSc, MMath

 Dr Chris Daw  Library Representative

LMS Correspondent
Ms Hannah Fairbanks

Undergraduate Admissions Officer
Part 2 Coordinator

Professor Paul Glaister

International Foundation Programme Coordinator
A-level/Part 1 Transition Coordinator
Exam Scrutineer (Applied Mathematics)

Ms Ruth M Harris Finance Administrator

PA to Head of Department
Dr Titus Hilberdink  Exam Scrutineer (Pure Mathematics) 
Dr Patrick Ilg  Study Abroad Coordinator 
Dr Nikos Katzourakis  Part 3/4 Coordinator 
Dr Tobias Kuna

MRes cohort mentor (Mathematics of Planet Earth CDT)
MAGIC Coordinator
ICMA Liaison
Programme Director -  Maths/Econ, Maths with FIB

Dr Stephen Langdon

Head of Department
(PA: Ms Ruth M Harris)

Dr Amos Lawless Programme Director - Maths/Met, Maths/MMet
Professor Michael Levitin 

Research Division Leader for Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

REF UoA Lead

Dr Alex Lukyanov Health and Safety Coordinator (Mathematics and Statistics)

Senior Fire Warden and Evacuation Officer
Dr Claudia Neves 

PhD Director of Studies (Mathematics of Planet Earth CDT)
EPSRC Early Career Forum Representative

Mrs Claire Newbold 

Placement Officer
Visit and Open Day Coordinator
Transition and Welcome Week Coordinator
Week 6 Coordinator

Dr Rachel Newton  Exam Scrutineer (Pure Mathematics) 
Dr Karl-Mikael Perfekt  Seminar/Colloquium Organiser 
Dr Tristan Pryer

MRes Director of Studies (Mathematics of Planet Earth CDT)
MRes Cohort Mentor (Mathematics of Planet Earth CDT)

Professor Jennifer Scott  Director at Reading of the Mathematics of Planet Earth CDT 
Dr Calvin Smith

Deputy School Director of Teaching and Learning
SSLC Chair and Student Liaison Coordinator

Programme Director Maths with Computer Science
Accessibility Champion

Dr Peter K Sweby

Examinations Officer
Department Computing Officer
Director of Infrastructure and Support Staff
Finance Officer
Board of Studies Chair

Dr Marcus Tindall 

School Director of Postgraduate Research Studies
Outreach Coordinator
Employers Advisory Group Chair

Professor Sue Todd

Department Director of Impact
School Director of Enteprise

School Ethics Lead

Dr Jani Virtanen 

Director of Postgraduate Research Studies

Undergraduate Seminar Organiser 

Dr Zuowei Wang 

Departmental Director of Internationalisation

Programme Director NUIST


Department Management Group  Chaired by Head of Department 
Teaching Committee  Chaired by Director of Undergraduate Studies 

  Pure Mathematics Group

Group Leader   Michael Levitin 
Teaching Lead  Rachel Newton 
Group Members              Horetio Boedihardjo, Chris Daw, Titus Hilberdink, Nikos Katzourakis, Tobias Kuna, Calvin Smith, Jani Virtanen, Karl-Mikael Perfekt 

  Applied Mathematics Group 

Group Leader     Marcus Tindall 
Teaching Lead  Patrick Ilg 
Group Members              Nick Biggs, Peter Chamberlain, Valerio Lucarini, Alex Lukyanov, Zuowei Wang, Jeroen Wouters 

  Numerical Analysis and Data Assimilation Group

Group Leader                  Steve Langdon 
Teaching Lead  Peter Sweby 
Group Members  Simon Chandler-Wilde, Paul Glaister, Sarah Dance, Amos Lawless, Nancy Nichols, Roland Potthast, Tristan Pryer, Sebastian Reich,
Jennifer Saunders 

  Probability, Statistics and Applied Statistics Group

Group Leader  Sue Todd 
Teaching Lead  Hannah Fairbanks 
Group Members       Karen Ayres, Fazil Baksh, Jochen Broecker, Richard Everitt,
Claudia Neves 

 Student Support Centre

Staff  Responsibility
Ms Sophie N King-Waring Programme Administrator
Mrs Alex Y Owen Senior Programme Administrator
Mr Liam Smalley  Programme Administrator
Ms Linda Watson Student Support Coordinator


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