Past Events

Details of presentations from academic year 2009-10 onwards are in the IT Supporters organisation on Blackboard.

Academic Year 2008-2009




Andy Gatward, ITS


Wireless update Oct 08

Andy Gatward, ITS


Effective Use of Outlook (.pdf),  (ppt)

Anton Lawrence, ITS


Best practice/Information security Info-SecurityCommittee presentation Nov 08

Steve Gough, ITS


Committee presentation Nov 08, Committee discussion

Chaz Dawkins, SBS (Committee Chair) and Steve Gough, ITS


Macintosh integration in a Windows environment Apple presentation notes

Matthew Jens, Apple and Adj Messelles, Typography

19/01/09 e-series laptops DELL 
02/02/09 Software distribution update Softwarelicensing2009pdf  Steve Gough, ITS

Antivirus/security update

Chris Wakelin, ITS 
02/03/09 MS IT Academy Steve Gough, ITS 

11th Annual Conference 
Conference Programme 


Live streaming
File streaming pdf
File streaming ppt

Steve Gough & Andy Gatward, ITS

Steve Gough & Mark Stephens, ITS
26/05/09 Sophos update (and other information)   Chris de la Force, ITS
08/06/09 Customer service discussion/surgery  Libby Graham, CSTD
15/06/09 Data protection - the basics  Lee Shailer, IMPS
Academic Year 2007-2008
15/10/07 Exchange migration
Anton Lawrence & Christine Storey, ITS

RISIS, Trent, Focus and Purchase to Pay update

Rachel Crabtree, RISIS Development & Support Office, Chris Lambe, Student Services Directorate, Phil Southwell, Financial & HR Systems & Rob Butler, ITS

15/11/07 Typography Visit  Adj Messelles, Typography
26/11/07 Identity management Stephanie Curran, ITS
03/12/07 Standard desktops: a good thing? Chaz Dawkins, SBS
14/01/08 Remedy for IT Supporters Steve Gough & Mark Stephens, ITS
28/01/08 Blackboard update (demo) Guy Pursey, CDOTL
04/02/08 Security working group
Information Security
Mike Roch, ITS
05/02/08 Web security Chris Wakelin, ITS
11/02/08 Virtualisation presentation Alasdair MacKenzie, ITS
25/02/08 Unix/Mac/Windows interoperability Anthony Worrall, SSE & Steve Gough, ITS
09/04/08 Conference 2008 Various
21/04/08 Vista Round-up ( Vista Deployment) Huw Wright & Steve Gough, ITS
06/05/08 Vista Scripting for the Active Directory : Powershell Scripting on Vista presentation &  (Powershell Scripting Zip File) Alan Sielicki, SBS
19/05/08 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (Windows2k8-TopFeatures) and Microsoft licensing ( MS-Licensing-2008-05-19) Alasdair MacKenzie and Steve Gough, ITS
02/06/08 Virtual Desktop Dell
Academic Year 2006-2007
10/10/06 Janet Roaming Bob Franklin, ITS
17/10/06 Information and Keeping Legal Claire Surridge, IMPS
31/10/06 Spam/Autospam Chris Wakelin & Anton Lawrence, ITS
14/11/06 Sophos at Reading 2006-7
Windows Security
Chris de la Force, ITS
21/11/06 Blackboard Guy Pursey, CDOTL
28/11/06 ITS Help Claire Brooking, ITS
23/1/07 Software licensing (including new Adobe licensing) (ppt) Steve Gough, ITS
6/2/07 Vista & Office 2007 Panel Session
20/2/07 e-Science and the Reading Grid

e-Science Update (ppt) - Steve Gough
Reading e-Science Centre (ppt) - Jon Blower
Reading Grid  - Ian Bland

Steve Gough (ITS)
Jon Blower (ESSC)
Ian Bland (SSE)

6/3/07 Exchange & the Vault (ppt) Anton Lawrence, ITS
17/4/07 9th Annual Conference Various
15/5/07 Discussion session - Support for IT support staff (pdf) Steve Gough, ITS
29/5/07 Discussion session - Installing & setting up PCs (ppt), (pdf)]
Discussion continues on the Bulletin Board
Steve Gough, ITS
12/6/07 Remedy workflow system Steve Gough, ITS


Network Update  Andy Gatward, ITS
Academic Year 2005-2006
18/10/05 Scripting Chaz Dawkins, AMS
Huw Wright, ITS
1/11/05 Data Recovery Chaz Dawkins, AMS
Ian Bland, SSE
Steve Gough, ITS
08/11/05 Sophos Steve Gough, ITS
15/11/05 Spyware Richard Jolliffe, ITS
29/11/05 Departmental SMS  WSUS Alasdair MacKenzie, ITS
24/01/06 Network Update Bob Franklin, ITS
07/02/06 WIKI Chris Wakelin, ITS
21/02/06 Best Practice Discussion Steve Gough, ITS
28/03/06 8th Annual Conference Various
09/05/06 webCMS Cathy Olsen, Communications Office

Computer Recovery

Chaz Dawkins & Alan Sielicki, SBS
06/06/06 Teaching & Learning Update (including JISC plagiarism), LT Co-ordinators Maria Papaefthimiou, CDOTL
20/06/06 Remote/PDA Access Anton Lawrence, ITS
26/06/06 Sophos Chris de la Force, ITS

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