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Work experience and Academic Visitors

Work experience

It is government policy that school pupils should have a period of work experience between the summer term of year 10 and the end of year 11 as part of their educational programme, and the local authority also encourages participation by pupils over statutory school-leaving age who are still in further education at school or college. Work experience on employers' premises helps to prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experience of adult life.

The University, as a matter of policy, accepts young people on work experience where Schools/departments can accommodate them but it is essential that proper arrangements are made, particularly with regard to supervision, safety and insurance.

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Academic Visitors

From time to time Schools and Departments may wish to invite colleagues from other institutions here in the UK and abroad to the University of Reading as an Academic Visitor. All practical details relating to Academic Visitors are the responsibility of the host and should be discussed with the Head of School.

Academic Visitors

All Academic Visitors should receive an invitation letter from the Head of School/Department detailing the following points:

  1. the nature of the visit, for example research or lecturing in a specific area;
  2. the period of stay;
  3. any funding arrangement; the amount and source.

An Academic Visitor Request Form must be completed and approved PRIOR to an invitation letter being sent to any Academic Visitors who require University general expenses payments.

For payment of any expenses or subsistence allowance Schools should complete a 'Green Expense Form' and attach receipts, a copy of the invitation letter and if not already completed, the AV Form, and send both to Finance for action.

Academic Visitors from outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

Academic Visitors from most countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) will require a visa to enter the UK and visit the University. For further information please read the non EEA Academic Visitors page.

A person entering the UK with a general tourist visa is not allowed to act as an Academic Visitor. A Tier 5 Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) may be required for an Academic Visitor receiving sponsorship funding to carry out formal research. If a Tier 5 CoS is required please see the Tier 5 Guidance notes on the Immigration and Work Entitlement webpage.

For further detailed information on visa requirements please visit UK Government Visa Information

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