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Staff Survey Working Group May 2016 - August 2017

At the request of UEB, a working group has been established which represents the broad staff base of the university and also brings in specific professional expertise for key elements of the design.

The group consists of; 


 Area of Expertise/Representation

 David Bell - VC Sponsor
 Alison Hackett - Assistant Director HR (People & Talent) Project Lead
 Claire Eckett Reward Specialist and previous lead on staff survey
 Ellie Highwood  Dean - Diversity & Inclusion
 Dominic Zaum  Research Dean
 Elizabeth McCrum  Teaching & Learning Dean
 Santosh Sinha  Internal Communications
 Mark Stephenson  Procurement
 Thomas Castling  Data
 Neil Blanchonnet  ICT
 Maria Swan  Estates & Facilities
 Ginny Gibson  Senior academic - school
 Mark Fellowes  Senior academic - school
 Carol Wright  Senior professional

The purpose of the group is to discuss and provide further recommendations to UEB in relation to the following key decisions:

The working group consists of:


Supplier engagement requirements

  • for just one survey or for a package of surveys?
  • For what length of time?
  • Level of package required (Bronze, Silver, Gold option)


Are there specific ICT requirements for online surveys?

Employee Engagement - Definitions at UofR

Thoughts on definitions in UEB paper

  • Does this stand at UofR?
  • Would this be different for different groups of staff (e.g academic and professional)?
  • Are there any implications of this for the survey?

Survey Design

Areas to cover

  • Line management
  • Leadership
  • Development opportunity
  • Job satisfaction
  • Wellbeing - bullying, work life balance, stress, etc.
  • Pride in employer
  • Future intentions (say, stay, strive)
  • Opportunities to progress
  • Vision and direction
  • Team
  • Change management
  • Giving something back
  • D&I info
  • Organisation
  • Reward and recognition


  • Online or paper surveys
  • Survey open times
  • Rating scales - midpoint debate
  • How far do we want to break the results down by?
  • Institutional level
  • School/function level
  • Department/team level
  • other - e.g. research theme?


  • HE Sector
  • Public Sector
  • All Sectors
  • Top quartile

How will be respond to the results?

  • Action planning at different levels - institution, school, function, other?
  • How will we use the data?


Communication and engagement plan needed

  • When does this begin?
  • To what extent do we need to communicate?
  • Who are we communicating with?
  • Frequency of communications
  • Channels of communication
  • Other methods of engagement

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