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People Plan

People Plan Programme

The People Plan programme is a matrix of related projects, which together have the intention of improving our experience of working at the University of Reading. One measure of success will be an improvement in the employer engagement score as measured via our regular staff surveys.

Some, but not all, of the projects have been inspired by feedback from colleagues in our staff survey and subsequent focus groups. The People Plan is overseen by a project board* (list of names below), the membership of which includes a wide range of volunteers from across the University. The key current projects are:

• Leadership and management development

• Change management

• Developing our employer identity

• Learning Management System

• Staff wellbeing

• 2018 Staff Survey

Latest News

Change management - People Plan Programme: change management update - 10 April 2019

Change management - People Plan Programme: "It's about much more than just good communication - 21 March 2019

Learning Management System People Plan Programme - "I want to enable the sharing of knowledge with the wider community" - 22/10/2018

2018 Staff Survey - People Plan Programme: "I'm determined to improve communication in every way we can" - 15/10/2018

Wellbeing - People Plan Programme - "I want people to be happy and flourish at work" - 10/10/2018

Change management - People Plan Programme - "Sharing my passion for working at the University" - 08/10/2018

Leadership and management behaviours - People Plan Programme: "I saw this as an opportunity to make positive change" - 01/10/2018  

*People Plan Board

  • Katrina Bicknell, Teaching and Learning Dean
  • John Brady, Director, Human Resources
  • Colin Campbell, Associate Professor, International Study & Language Institute
  • Jane Clarke, Technical Manager (Microbiology), Technical Services
  • John Fisher, Insurance Officer
  • Samantha Foley, Chief Financial Officer, University Executive Board Sponsor
  • Ellie Highwood, Dean for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Kate Hough, Project Manager
  • Carmel Houston-Price, Professor of Language and Cognitive Development, School of Psychology and Clinical Languages Sciences
  • Imogen Jakubek, Executive Administration Manager, School of Politics, Economics & International Relations
  • Karen Jones, Associate Professor, Institute of Education
  • Lilly Mae Liddicott, Placement Co-ordinator, Careers and Employability
  • Nasreen Majid, Lecturer, Institute of Education
  • Andre Mansi, Head of Digital Communications, Henley Business School
  • Annika Newnham, Lecturer, School of Law
  • Phil Newton, Research Dean
  • Tony Parr, Building Support Officer, Campus Services
  • Victoria Pearson, Head of Corporate Communications
  • Karen Poulter, Associate Professor, School of Mathematical, Physical & Computational Sciences
  • Claire Rolstone, Assistant Director, Human Resources
  • Stephanie Sharp, Lecturer, Institute of Education
  • Susan Thornton, Assistant Director, Human Resources
  • Richard Tranter, Director (CAS)
  • Dawn Turner, Executive Administration Manager, School of Mathematical, Physical & Computational Sciences


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