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Professorial Annual Review 2017

All Professorial colleagues are required to provide a statement regarding their achievements and activities for the 12 month period up to 31 December 2016.

We are constantly looking at ways in which to improve and automate processes, and this year we have created a secure on-line form, which will automatically pull through your personal data held on Trent and CentAUR to make it easier for you to complete. The form can be accessed by logging in with your University username and password at: You must submit the form no later than 5pm on Friday 10 February 2017. The form will then be sent to your Head of School for review, before onward submission to Human Resources.

This is the first year of using the on-line process, so there may be some teething problems. We would appreciate your feedback on the form and would be grateful if you could contact either Human Resources or the CentAUR team if you identify any data errors so they can be rectified. Please do not try to amend the form, as many of the fields are read only. Only forms submitted through the portal will be accepted. The forms can be accessed off campus, but a VPN connection is required in order to do so.

The form and zone criteria have been re-structured to ensure that they cover contributions to both teaching and research, are aligned to the University strategies and values, and pay due regard to issues of diversity and inclusion.

The form provides an opportunity for you to request a salary increment and promotion to a higher zone. The form will automatically include a list of your publications for 2016 drawn from CentAUR. If you are seeking advancement to a higher zone you must also include a full CV, in the format shown in Annex 2, along with your Performance Development Review (PDR) form. Both documents must be saved as PDF format and uploaded to the on-line form.

The timetable for the process is as follows:



Complete and submit on-line form to Head of School by:

10 February 2017

Heads of Schools to check and sign forms and submit to HR by:

3 March 2017

Advisory Group meetings will be held during:

April 2017

Remuneration Committee meeting:

13 June 2017

Formal outcomes communicated no later than:

30 June 2017

Submissions will be reviewed by an Advisory Group and the process is subject to scrutiny by a lay member of Council, who will attend at least one meeting of the Advisory Group.

The Advisory Group will report its recommendations to the Remuneration Committee, who will consider the recommendations, being mindful of equality issues and the University's overall financial position.

Formal outcomes will be notified by the Director of Human Resources by 30th June 2017. Any adjustments to salary will be effective from 1 August 2017. Requests for feedback in respect of notified outcomes should be addressed to your Head of School in the first instance.

Please remember that the form must be submitted no later than 5pm on Friday 10 February 2017. The form will not be accessible after this date.

Professorial Annual Review 2017 - Letter from the Vice-Chancellor

Annex 1 Professorial Zone Criteria

Annex 2 Standard CV

Annex 3 Professorial Pay Zones


Things to do now

For all enquiries regarding the Professorial Annual Review please contact: 


John Brady, Director of Human Resources

Claire Eckett, HR Manager (Reward & Benefits)

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