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This page collects together the current versions of all forms and checklists available from Health & Safety Services. Please select from the topic list below.


Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
DSE workstation checklist [SG13 Appendix 3] DSE workstation checklist
Eyesight test request form Eyesight test request form

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Driver record form  Driver record form
Vehicle safety checklist Vehicle safety checklist
Generic driving risk assessment Generic driver risk assessment

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Event Notification Form (an example of a completed form can be found in Event Management CoP 33)

Event Notification Form

Events Risk Assessment form (an example of a completed form can be found in Safety Code of Practice 33- see link above)

Event Risk Assessment Form 

Events Risk Assessment Example

Event Contractor competancy questionnaire  Contractor competancy questionnaire
E&F form - Safety check of temporary electrical installation Safety check of temporary electrical installation

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Expectant (and new) mothers risk assessment

Expectant mothers risk assessment form NB An example of a completed risk assessment can be found in Safety Note 27 - Maternity Health & Safety Issues

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Fire safety
University fire procedure poster  Fire procedures poster
Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

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Genetic modification, radiation & biological safety
GM Workers Registration Form See Genetic Modification
GM Project Application Form - low risk See Genetic Modification
GM Project Application Form - standard See Genetic Modification
GM Risk Assessment Form GM03 See Genetic Modification
Biohazard Risk Assessment Form See Biological Safety
Occupational Health Questionnaire for Work with Genetically Modified Organisms and Hazardous Biological Agents.
Activity-specific radiation risk assessment for and local rules for a controlled area See Radiation Safety Secure Area
Example of a completed activity-specific radiation risk assessment for and local rules for a controlled area See Radiation Safety Secure Area

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H&S induction
Induction checklist for new staff and postgraduate students Health and Safety Induction Checklist
 Health & Safety Information for Staff leaflet Health and safety information for University staff

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H&S inspections
Inspection checklist for offices and general work areas General office workplace inspection checklist March 2009

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Incident reporting & investigation
University incident report form for reporting significant incidents and near misses to Health & Safety Services (if unable to access the online form) University incident report form
Accident / incident investigation checklist Investigation checklist
Incident investigation report template Incident investigation form

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Laser safety
Laser Registration Form and guidance notes - for use when registering a laser facility with Health and Safety Services Laser registration form and guidance notes
Laser Risk Assessment Form RA2L Laser risk assessment form RA2L

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Manual handling
Manual Handling Risk Assessment Form (MH2) - specific assessment MH risk assessment form MH2

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Risk assessment - general
Generic Risk Assessment Form (RA1) Risk Assessment Form RA1
Project / Task Assessment Form (RA2) - to be used for assessing specific and more hazardous tasks UoR Project risk assessment form RA2
Risk Assessment Log - to be used to list all risk assessments for an area Risk Assessment Log

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Overseas Travel
Overseas Travel Flowchart Overseas Travel Flowchart
Risk Profiling Tool Risk Profiling Tool
Overseas Travel Risk Assessment Overseas Travel Risk Assessment
Traveller's Checklist Travellers Checklist

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Other Resources
Template for Health and Safety Code - to be used by Schools/Functions

HS Code Template July 2016

Template for Annual Performance Review - to be used to assist Schools/Functions check that their H&S management system is working effectively and addresses all significant risks  To be added
Permit required for all maintenance, servicing and non-routine cleaning work in the University laboratories and workshops. Permit to Work - Labs & Workshops
Laboratory decommissioning and clearance form Laboratory decommissioning and clearance form
Radiological decommissioning and clearance form Radiological decommissioning and clearance form
First Aid poster First_Aiders_Poster_Template
Sample training matrix Sample training matrix

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