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Report an Accident or Incident

If you require urgent first aid response please call Security: 0118 378 6300

Please use the form below to report accidents, incidents or near misses that have occurred in and around the University of Reading campuses (Whiteknights; London Road; Greenlands) or in connection with the University's activities anywhere in the UK or world-wide.

Incidents include:

  • Any event resulting in injury or property damage
  • Someone falling ill while on campus or at work
  • A near miss i.e. an incident where injury or damage has been narrowly avoided
  • A fire or fire alarm
  • A dangerous occurrence e.g. mechanical failure, gas leak, electrical hazard

Any member of staff, students or visitors can submit an incident report via the on-line form. You are encouraged to provide contact details, however you do have the option of withholding these if you wish. Please note that may restrict our ability to investigate the incident that you are reporting.

When you click 'Submit' you will receive a pdf copy of this form by email. Please keep this for your records.

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Please give details of the person submitting this report. If you do not wish to provide contact details, please tick Yes to Anonymous report:

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Accident or Injury
Near Miss
Fire or fire alarm incident
Dangerous Occurrence
Environmental Incident

Please provide details of the accident/incident/matter of concern:

*Where did it happen?

Immediate actions taken to prevent recurrence

*Enter details of the immediate actions taken including the name and contact details of the person who carried out the actions:
Did the accident, incident or matter of concern result in any of the following?
Tick as many as apply.

First aid treatment (including self administered e.g. plaster)

Visit to doctor (GP) for assessment/observation

Visit to A&E

Ambulance attended

Time off from work or study

Damage to University or personal property (e.g. Building fabric or equipment)

Risk to the enviroment e.g. ground, water or air pollution, disturbance to protect flora and fauna etc.


Person involved in the incident

No One

Person submitting the form


In submitting this form the University of Reading will collect your personal data for use within the Health and Safety Services. The data will only be used in accordance with the Data Protection Principles set out in the Data Protection Act 2018. Data Protection Policy.

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