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Equipment off campus


All university equipment is subject to  an insurance excess of £2,000 for each claim.

When equipment is taken home and the replacement
value is under or equal to the excess amount, the
department concerned would be responsible for
replacement in the event of theft or accidental damage.

As an option (not compulsory) anyone (staff or student)
taking equipment for use off the University premises can
sign a Loan of equipment form (Word-26KB) enabling
insurance cover to be provided by their own contents

For their own insurers to agree to offer indemnity, there must be proof of responsibility – i.e. a Loan of Equipment Form, and it is therefore essential that this form is completed and a copy sent to their insurance providers.

The above does not apply to travel insurance which includes overnight stays in the UK on the 'Business' of the University. Please see the Business travel pages for more details.

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