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Making the most of your event

Exhibition standsIf you planning an event, it makes sense to ensure that the event is the best it can be. The section below covers various aspects that will help you to make the most of your events.

The event opportunity

Once you have identified an event opportunity:

  • Agree your event objectives to ensure that you have maximum strategic impact
  • Confirm the most suitable target audience
  • Develop an event format to meet the objectives set
  • Effectively plan and manage resources

Communication is key

Communicate internally:

  • Share objectives
  • Set responsibilities
  • Write it down and share with all internal stakeholders

Communicate externally:

  • Create appropriate material and clear documentation to send to all attendees in order to set expectations, and to provide practical information e.g. parking. 

Set expectations to guarantee satisfaction

When promoting your event to your audience, it is important to set expectations, so that your visitors know what to expect of your event. Inform your guests of where to park, how far they will have to walk from the car park, where to register, what refreshment they can expect, who will be speaking, what time the event will end, etc. etc. (please see the additional information for events example (PDF - 101 KB)). Once expectations have been set, ensure adequate planning so that these expectations can be met and even exceeded on the day.

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