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Attracting the right audience - communication

Invitation list

GraduationOnce you have decided who your event is aimed at, start pulling together your targeted and general public invitee list (contact the Events Office for advice). You might want to think about the following contacts (if relevant):

From experience (but dependant on the type of event), expect a 25% positive acceptance rate, so ensure you have an adequate invitation list.

Communicating with your audience

The Events Office would be happy to advise on any of the points below:

  • Decide how you would like to send out your invitation. We would recommend, where possible, writing a formal invitation letter and attaching it to a personalised email to ensure a more positive acceptance rate.
  • Decide who the invitation letter will be from. Who will have the greatest influence on your audience? e.g. Head of School.
  • Allocate an email account/phone number for responses and queries.
  • Ask guests for dietary/mobility requirements.
  • Ensure that you provide enough additional information to your guests in advance of the event. Give information regarding the programme, parking, dress code etc.  Please see the example of additional information template for events (PDF - 101 KB) for further information.
  • Ensure that adequate information is provided to your event speakers.
  • Post event - once you have built a relationship with an attendee, decide how you will maintain this.
  • It is also important to ask your attendees for feedback to gauge how useful they found the event. You might find it useful to create feedback forms (electronic or in hard copy) to formally request feedback. Holding an event de-brief meeting with colleagues after the event to reflect on learning points and how successful your event was at meeting your primary aims and objectives.

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