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The HEA provides a nationwide focus for enhancing teaching, learning and students' experience in higher education. The organisation works with institutions, discipline groups and individual staff within the four countries of the UK.

The LearnHigher Centre is a partnership of 16 universities committed to improving student learning through providing excellent resources to support students' learning development and through practice-led research to inform the effective use of those resources.

The NSS is a census of final year students across the UK. It gives students an opportunity to say what they liked and didn't like about their learning experience during their studies. Student feedback is used to compile year on year comparative data.

Based at Leeds Metropolitan University, the 'Sounds Good' project focuses on the use of MP3 files for summative feedback. It aims to establish whether it is possible to give richer feedback to students and save assessors' time.

The Engage in Research website has been designed to help science undergraduate students with advice and assistance on the most important aspects of scientific research. The site provides worked examples, exercises with answers, help sheets and quick quizzes to help students gauge their understanding.

Phil Race has developed a passion for 'making learning happen,' in an approachable way. He has published several excellent books and papers about improving the quality and timeliness of feedback. His website provides the opportunity to download extracts from his books and provides details of his workshops.

ASKe is based at Oxford Brookes University Business School. Its work focuses on ways of helping staff and students develop a common understanding of academic standards and it builds on and promulgates established good practice.

ASSET is a new web 2.0 resource which has been established to encourage greater interaction with feedback and 'feed-forward'. It is envisaged that ASSET will enhance the concept of good feedback and will facilitate feedback-oriented dialogue between students and between students and staff.

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