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Receiving student comments on your feedback can be extremely valuable, for example questions Male teacher and studentsrelating to your feedback on an end of module evaluation form can provide a very easy and simple way to assess students' impressions of your feedback. A class discussion with students during or at the end of a module can also enable you to ask questions and gather more detailed information on your feedback provision. Students may also feel less intimidated if they are able to provide comments in a group context. You might be able to use 'personal response systems' to rapidly survey a group of students (find out more about using using personal response systems for assessment from the Engage in Assessment site). Staff-student committees and the annual National Student Survey also allow you to assess general trends and student satisfaction in relation to feedback (e.g. timeliness).

There are various questions you could ask individual students and/or groups during or at the end of a module. Four questions are suggested below, from which you could choose to use follow up questions to gain more detailed information.

  • Please comment on the feedback you received regarding your learning during the module
  • Have you received prompt feedback on your work?
  • Have you received detailed comments on your work?
  • Did the feedback provided help you understand things that you did not understand before?

If you want to find out what students think about feedback at a national level see the UK National Student Survey (NSS) website.

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