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STARBO is the Student Timetabling and Room Booking Operations team.

The timetabling team deal with all scheduled teaching, liaising with schools and students, enabling each class to run without clashing with any other session the students or lecturer involved must attend. They also control the online timetable, enabling all students and related staff to see where and when the sessions will be held.

The room booking team deals with all ad-hoc (non-timetabled) sessions, including admin meetings, student society sessions, and extra non-timetabled seminars/events.

For Timetabling queries, please email

For Room Booking queries, please email

Any other services required for your event will need to be arranged through the relevant office. For any technical issues, please contact IT on x.6262 and for any catering requests, please contact

STARBO provide a service to internal members of the University only. If you are external to the University, please contact Venue Reading at or 0118 378 5657.

For all other queries, please contact the University switchboard on 0118 322 5111

If you are unsure who to contact within STARBO, please see Staff List below.

We are located in the Carrington building, room G08.

If you wish to speak with us, please ask at the Carrington helpdesk.

Staff list





Liz Evans Head of Timetabling and Room Booking

Julie Kelly Senior Timetabling Officer 0118 378 7314

Becky Clist Senior Timetabling Officer 0118 378 5803

Eva Thompson Support Centre Timetabling Officer (Law, IFP and London Rd) 0118 378 2338

Claire Steadman Support Centre Timetabling Officer (Henley Business School) 0118 378 6357

Hallam Moore Support Centre Timetabling Officer (Edith Morley) 0118 378 8141

Lucie Jolly Support Centre Timetabling Officer (Henley Business School) 0118 378 6357

Stuart Shaw Support Centre Timetabling Officer (Earley Gate) 0118 378 4925

Tom Fitzsimons Support Centre Timetabling Officer (JJ Thomson) 0118 378

Phil Sterlini Room Booking Officer 0118 378 6506

Roy Williams Room Booking and Timetabling Assistant 0118 378 5283

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