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Viewing your timetable

From 23rd August for staff (and 30th August for students), CMISGo, the new timetabling web portal is released. Staff and students will be able to view their timetables on their PCs or mobile devices. Staff will also be able to view a wider range of information including module, programme, room and student timetables.

Official meetings

 Calendar_Meetings_2017-18 lists meeting dates, times and venues for senior meetings.

    Reporting faults in Centrally Bookable Rooms

  • To report a fault or issue with technology in Centrally bookable rooms (pc's/tech desks/missing av or help in using.. etc) to ITS Help on ext 6262 or email
  • To report a fault with furnishings/decor/facilites/cleaning please contact Campus Services (FMD)
  • Information on using linked lecture theatres

    If the number of students set to attend a lecture is greater than the capacity of available lecture theatres, you may have to stream the lecture into a separate lecture theatre (i.e. have half of the students in a theatre with the lecturer and the other half viewing the lecture in a different theatre via a link-up). For hints and tips on teaching in linked lecture theatres, see Teaching in linked lecture theatres (PDF - 68KB).

  • Send us your comments

    If you have any feedback, comments or questions regarding our website, the timetable or room booking systems, please Email us.

    Things to do now

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    CMISGo is released for fully-enrolled students on 30th August.


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