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Life cycle 5 - exercising BCMExercising the plan varies: it can simply be a meeting of key players to ensure they understand their role within the recovery planning structure (basic walkthrough exercise), or it can be a full test of the plan. The maturity of each School/Department’s continuity arrangements will dictate the complexity of the exercise.

An exercise involving the Major Incident team will take place annually. Each exercise will test different areas of the Major Incident Plan to ensure that any issues can be resolved. Individual Business Continuity Plans should also be exercised by Schools and Service Areas.

Minor incidents can provide an excellent opportunity to test the plan. The reality of the situation can help to focus on issues that may not have been considered in a planned exercise and help to refine the plan to take these into account.

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If you believe that an incident is developing which involves the University, its staff or students, call Security Services:

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