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Infrared Filters and Coatings for the High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder (6-18µm)

G J Hawkins, R Hunneman, R E Sherwood, B M Barrett

Applied Optics, Vol 39, No 28, pp 5221-5230 (2000)


This paper describes the spectral design and manufacture of the narrow bandpass filters and 6-18┬Ám broadband antireflection coatings for the 21-channel High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder. A method of combining the measured spectral characteristics of each filter and antireflection coating, together with the spectral response of the other optical elements in the instrument to obtain a predicted system throughput response is presented. The design methods used to define the filter and coating spectral requirements, choice of filter materials, multilayer designs and deposition techniques are discussed.

DOI: 10.1364/AO.39.005221

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