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A Spectral Performance Model for the High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder (6-18µm)

G J Hawkins, R Hunneman

Infrared Physics and Technology, Vol 41, Issue 4, Pages 239-246 (2000)


A spectral performance model, designed to simulate the system spectral throughput for each of the 21 channels in the HIRDLS radiometer, is described. This model uses the measured spectral characteristics of each of the components in the optical train, appropriately corrected for their optical environment, to determine the end-to-end spectral throughput profile for each channel. This profile is then combined with the predicted thermal emission from the atmosphere, arising from the height of interest, to establish an in-band (wanted) to out-of-band (unwanted) radiance ratio. The results from the use of the model demonstrate that the instrument level radiometric requirements for the instrument will be achieved. The optical arrangement and spectral design requirements for filtering in the HIRDLS instrument are described together with a presentation of the performance achieved for the complete set of manufactured filters. Compliance of the predicted passband throughput model to the spectral positioning requirements of the instrument is also demonstrated.

DOI: 10.1016/S1350-4495(00)00039-6

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