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Synthesis of Broadband Anti-reflection Coatings for Spaceflight Infrared Optics

C Cole, J W Bowen

Proc. International Symposium on Space Optics: Space Instrumentation and Spacecraft Optics, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, SPIE, 2210-48, 506-515 (1994)


A synthesis method is outlined for the design of broadband anti-reflection coatings for use in spaceborne infrared optics. The Golden Section optimisation routine is used to make a search, using designated non-absorptive dielectric thin film combinations, for the coating design which fulfils the required spectral requirements using the least number of layers and different materials.

Three examples are given of coatings designed by this method : (I) 1µm to 12µm anti-reflection coating on Zinc Sulphide using Zinc Sulphide and Yttrium Fluoride thin film materials. (ii) 2µm to 14µm anti-reflection coating on Germanium using Germanium and Ytterbium Fluoride thin film materials. (iii) 6µm to 17µm anti-reflection coating on Germanium using Lead Telluride, Zinc Selenide and Barium Fluoride.

The measured spectral performance of the manufactured 6µm to 17µm coating on Germanium is given. This is the anti-reflection coating for the germanium optics in the NASA Cassini Orbiter CIRS instrument.

DOI: 10.1117/12.188109

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