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Investigation of ultra wideband multi-channel dichroic beamsplitters from 0.3 to 52µm

K Q Zhang, R Hunneman, J S Seeley, G J Hawkins

Infrared Physics, Vol 30, Issue 1, Pages 45-53 (1990)


The development of a set of multi-channel dichroics which includes a 6 channel dichroic operating over the wavelength region from 0.3 to 52┬Ám is described. In order to achieve the optimum performance, the optical constants of PbTe, Ge and CdTe coatings in the strongly absorptive region have been determined by use of a new iterative method using normal incidence reflectance measurement of the multilayer together with initial values of energy gap Eg and infinite refractive index n for the semiconductor model. The design and manufacture of the dichroics is discussed and the final results are presented.

DOI: 10.1016/0020-0891(90)90040-3

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