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An ultra-wide passband (5-30µm) filter for FTIR studies of Photosystem II

G J Hawkins, R Hunneman, M T Gardner, G T Babcock

Infrared Physics and Technology, Vol 39, Issue 5, Pages 297-306 (1998)


This paper reports on the design and manufacture of an ultra-wide (5-30µm) infrared edge filter for use in FTIR studies of the low frequency vibrational modes of metalloproteins. We present details of the spectral design and manufacture of such a filter which meets the demanding bandwidth and transparency requirements of the application, and spectra that present the new data possible with such a filter. A design model of the filter and the materials used in its construction has been developed capable of accurately predicting spectral performance at both 300K and at the reduced operating temperature at 200K. This design model is based on the optical and semiconductor properties of a multilayer filter containing PbTe (IV-VI) layer material in combination with the dielectric dispersion of ZnSe (II-VI) deposited on a CdTe (II-VI) substrate together with the use of BaF2 (II-VII) as an antireflection layer. Comparisons between the computed spectral performance of the model and spectral measurements from manufactured coatings over a wavelength range of 4-30µm and temperature range 300-200K are presented. Finally we present the results of the FTIR measurements of Photosystem II showing the improvement in signal to noise ratio of the measurement due to using the filter, together with a light induced FTIR difference spectrum of Photosystem II.

DOI: 10.1016/S1350-4495(98)00021-8

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