Staff Profile:Dr Marcus Tindall

Position / Job Title:
Associate Professor of Mathematical Biology
Areas of Interest:

My work is focused on developing well informed mathematical models of biological and biomedical processes. Within this broad remit his work is focused in the areas of lipoprotein metabolism, bacterial chemotaxis and tumour growth. The mathematical models developed are deterministic in nature (ordinary differential and partial differential equations), are used to elucidate the importance of mechanisms within the system being studied and to help in directing future experimental work. Models are solved using computational and analytical (asymptotic) techniques and work is carried out in close collaboration with experimental colleagues.

Funding from BBSRC, ESPRC, collaborative institutions, industry.

Research groups / Centres:
  • NC3R committee member
  • Number of collaborative projects with industry
  • STEM Ambassador
  • Hold regular outreach days on mathematical modelling for A-level students

I teach and lead a range of modules in both Biological Sciences and Mathematics & Statistics including:

Biological Sciences
Systems Biology (B13BP7)
Mathematics & Statistics
1st year Calculus (MA1MM1)
2nd year Mathematical Modelling (MA2COM)
3rd & 4th year and MSc students Mathematical Biology (MA3MB, MAMB11)

Current Teaching (2015/16):


Contact Details

+44(0)118 378 8989

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