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Principal Investigators Research Interests
Dr Fazil Baksh BakshFazil_small
Dr Katrina Bicknell Dr Katrina Bicknell Cardiomyocyte growth, forkhead transcription factors, stem cells and repair.

Dr Sam Boateng

BoatengSamuel_small Cardiovascular research, Myocyte mechanosensing, Circadian proteins

Professor Gavin Brooks

Pro-Vice Chancellor

icmr-brooks Cardiovascular research, Myocardial regeneration
Dr Simon Clarke ClarkeSimon_small Molecular Bacteriology, Host-pathogen interactions, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes
Dr Sandrine Claus Dr Sandrine Claus
Professor Angela Clerk Dr Angela Clerk Cardiac myocyte signalling and gene expression
Dr Daniel Commane Dr Daniel Commane
Professor Phil Dash DashPhil_small Cell signalling, Nitric oxide, Cell Migration, Apoptosis

Dr Keith Foster

FosterKeith_small Gene therapy, muscular dystrophies, exon skipping
Dr Mike Fry FryMike_small Cell signalling, PI-3 kinase signalling, Proteomics & kinase signalling, GSK-3 & Wnt signalling in platelets

Professor Jon Gibbins


GibbinsJon_small Cardiovascular research, Cell Biology, Platelets, Haemostasis, Thrombosis
Professor Glenn Gibson Glenn Gibson
Dr Alejandro Giraldo Alejandro Giraldo
Dr Craig Hughes Craig Hughes Cardiovascular research, Cell Biology, Platelets, Thrombosis and Haemostasis, Signal transduction
Dr Kim Jackson face

Dr Chris Jones

JonesChristopher_small Cardiovascular research including genetics and genomics of platelet signalling
Dr Vimal Karani Dr Vimal S. Karani
Dr Orla Kennedy Dr Orla Kennedy  Public health nutrition, nutrition in the older consumer, dietary interventions, food choice issues and sensory evaluation.
Dr Gunter Kuhnle Dr Gunter Kuhnle
Professor David Leake LeakeDavid_small Cardiovascular research, Atherosclerosis, Oxidised Low Density Lipoprotein
Professor Jian-Mei Li Jian-Mei Li Cardiovascular research

Professor Julie Lovegrove

Deputy Director

LovegroveJulie_small Nutritional influences, nutigenetics and nutrigenomics on metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease risk
Dr Liam McGuffin McGuffinLiam_small Bioinformatics, Molecular Systems Biology, Prediction of protein structures, functions and interactions
Dr Alister McNeish alisterMcNeish_small Cerebral arteries, nitric oxide, Endothelium, smooth muscle, endothelium derived hyperpolarizing factor, electrophysiology
Dr Maria Oruna-Concha Maria Oruna-Concha
Professor Ketan Patel icmr-patel Developmental Biology, Skeletal muscle development, Adult skeletal muscle function, Embryonic skeletal muscle growth
Dr Alice Pollitt Alice Pollitt Cell-cell communication between platelets and non-hematopoietic cells
Dr Dyan Sellayah Dr Dyan Sellayah Molecular mechanisms that govern fat (adipose) tissue development and function in the context of obesity
Professor Jeremy Spencer Dr Jeremy Spencer Effects of flavonoids of memory, learning and neuro-cognitive performance, dietary polyphenolics
Dr Marcus Tindall Marcus Tindall Systems biology, Mathematical modelling
Dr Sakthi Vaiypuri Dr Sakthi Vaiypuri
Dr Kim Watson WatsonKim_small Metabolic enzymes, ABC transporters, Protein crystallography, Computational Biology
Professor Christine Williams icmr-williams Dietary fats in human health, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance. Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
Professor Parveen Yaqoob Dr Parveen Yaqoob Nutrition and immunity and inflammation, dietary fatty acids and immune cell function and cardiovascular disease, pre- and probiotics and immune function


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