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The Institute for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research (ICMR) is a multidisciplinary centre that brings together scientists from a wide range of research fields to work to understand the development of cardiovascular diseases, and the underlying obesity-related metabolic diseases from which they develop. Cardiovascular diseases, which include heart attacks, strokes and heart failure, are the cause of approximately 200,000 deaths each year in the UK alone, with similar incidence rates across Europe, and North America, and are becoming an increasing burden in rapidly developing nations with very large populations. Substantial progress has been made as a result of biomedical research in the last 3 decades that has resulted in a 50% reduction in the death rate in patients who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

While this is a substantial achievement, current clinical practice does not benefit many patients. More worrying, however, is the incidence rate for cardiovascular diseases that is increasing rapidly, and will soon cancel out the benefit of recent scientific advances. At the heart of this increase is obesity, and the obesity-related metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes, abnormal lipid metabolism, and inflammatory disorders from which cardiovascular conditions develop.

At the ICMR we seek to understand the development of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and using a distinctive combination of research approaches and expertise we are equipped to tackle this developing 21st century healthcare crisis from an number of innovative directions. In the past, the improvement in the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders has been a key focus of research in this area, with less attention paid to the prevention of disease development. Within the ICMR we bring together these approaches, studying both healthy human and disease processes, to be able to combine the prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic disease development with more effective and safer therapies. Together we aim to reduce the burden of cardiovascular and metabolic disease

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