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Humanities buildingThe School of Humanities at the University of Reading is dedicated to the teaching and research of Classics, History and Philosophy.

The School aims to bring together a selection of topics ranging from, for example, Rome in the Augustan Age (Classics), Approaches to History (History) and Moral Philosophy (Philosophy) to name a few.The School maintains strong links to National Archives, British Library, URE Museum and various Research Centres. Staff and students are given the opportunity to widen their knowledge within, but also beyond the School, University and academic environment and are fully supported in their quest to enrich their education and lives.


Research within the School of Humanities is very important in all the subject areas.  The departments pride themselves on their levels of research and are dedicated to providing knowledge and information to the students and wider community.There is a full Research Seminar programme which is open to staff, students and the public. Supervision is offered on many topics within the School, with opportunities to undertake multidisciplinary research topics within the University.

Teaching and learning

The School offers a full range of programmes – undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education.This teaching is based around lectures, seminars and courses with full participation by students and staff.Staff endeavour to promote their subjects nationally and internationally with the attendance and organisation of conferences and lectures. The School also has an extensive portfolio of publications written and edited by staff.

Students will enjoy their time within the School and will thrive on the networking opportunities that come as part of the school's lively teaching, learning and social community.

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