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People Plan

People Plan Programme

The People Plan programme has now completed all of the projects it was working on during 2018/19 and achieved some great results, including:

  • the introduction of UoRLearn, the University's new staff learning and development platform
  • the new 3Rs Leadership Framework
  • an exciting range of Wellbeing initiatives

Most importantly, we have seen the involvement of so many of our University colleagues in these projects.

Sam Foley, Chair of the People Plan Board*, has confirmed that the People Plan will continue and that she is working with the Vice Chancellor to determine how the People Plan can best contribute towards the new strategic themes and what projects they can focus on during the next academic session.

We will share more information here as soon as it becomes available.

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*People Plan Board

  • Katrina Bicknell, Teaching and Learning Dean
  • John Brady, Director, Human Resources
  • Colin Campbell, Associate Professor, International Study & Language Institute
  • Jane Clarke, Technical Manager (Microbiology), Technical Services
  • John Fisher, Insurance Officer
  • Samantha Foley, Chief Financial Officer, University Executive Board Sponsor
  • Ellie Highwood, Dean for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Kate Hough, Project Manager
  • Carmel Houston-Price, Professor of Language and Cognitive Development, School of Psychology and Clinical Languages Sciences
  • Imogen Jakubek, Executive Administration Manager, School of Politics, Economics & International Relations
  • Karen Jones, Associate Professor, Institute of Education
  • Lilly Mae Liddicott, Placement Co-ordinator, Careers and Employability
  • Nasreen Majid, Lecturer, Institute of Education
  • Andre Mansi, Head of Digital Communications, Henley Business School
  • Annika Newnham, Lecturer, School of Law
  • Phil Newton, Research Dean
  • Tony Parr, Building Support Officer, Campus Services
  • Victoria Pearson, Head of Corporate Communications
  • Karen Poulter, Associate Professor, School of Mathematical, Physical & Computational Sciences
  • Claire Rolstone, Assistant Director, Human Resources
  • Stephanie Sharp, Lecturer, Institute of Education
  • Susan Thornton, Assistant Director, Human Resources
  • Richard Tranter, Director (CAS)
  • Dawn Turner, Executive Administration Manager, School of Mathematical, Physical & Computational Sciences