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Post interview

The Chair of the panel should make a verbal offer to the successful candidate as soon as the decision has been made. The Panel Chair must make it clear to the successful applicant that the offer is subject to: receipt of references satisfactory to the University (if these are outstanding), medical clearance (if applicable), a probationary period and/or a Sponsorship Certificate.

It is important to note that verbal offers and acceptances form the start of the contract of employment. It is very difficult to withdraw an offer after it has been offered verbally.
No-one but the Panel and Human Resources should know of the decision until after the preferred candidate has verbally accepted the offer and the unsuccessful candidates have been informed officially.

The Chair making the verbal offer ensures that the candidate is contacted as quickly as possible and it also gives them the chance to ask any further questions and will give some indication as to whether they are likely to accept the job. If the candidate requires some time to consider the offer they should be asked to telephone the caller as quickly as possible, and a start date should be agreed.

Unsuccessful candidates should also be informed of the outcome by telephone if this has been promised at the interview. If not arrange to send the letters as soon as possible. It is good practice to give feedback on their performance relative to the selection criteria and, where appropriate, positive advice on how to improve skills and attitudes. It is important to use the selection criteria appropriately and consistently when giving feedback. Candidates should never be told how they were ranked against one another. It should be kept in mind that unsuccessful candidates minded to bring an employment tribunal action may use such feedback in evidence. Care should be exercised in such de-briefings so that the desire to be helpful does not prejudice the University's position. Contact your
HR Partner/Advisor to discuss further.

The Chair of the Panel will complete the Chairperson's Report. (The Recruitment Administrator assigned to your vacancy will have emailed this to the Recruiting Manager prior to the interviews) and that along with the shortlisting form, new starter form, passport/id/qualifications, references and other shortlisted application forms should be returned to the Recruitment Administrator to enable the production of the offer letter and the contract of employment to the successful candidate.

When the recruitment procedure has been completed, the Department should send original copies of all recruitment documentation listed below to the Human Resources Office:-

  • Original Application Forms
  • Shortlisting Form
  • Chairpersons Report
  • Copies of passport documents - stating original seen/printed name/signature/date