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Unplanned leave

The University recognises that staff will occasionally need to take leave from work at short notice as a result of unforeseen occurrences or personal emergencies. In order to enable staff to deal with these situations the University makes flexible provision for employees to take the necessary time off work. When taking leave in accordance with these provisions it is essential to communicate fully with your line manager as to the nature and duration of the leave. Employees are encouraged to discuss with their manager as early as possible any need to take time off work, so that an appropriate agreement can be reached regarding the situation.

Personal appointments

Personal appointments such as a visit to the doctor, dentist, hospital clinic, solicitors etc. should, where ever possible, be made outside of normal working hours. However, the University recognises that this may not always be possible, and under these circumstances appointments should be made either first or last thing to minimise disruption to your normal working day. Employees must inform their line manager as soon as the appointment is made and agree how their time off will be treated. It is at the manager's discretion as to whether an employee is required to make up time, use annual leave or have unpaid leave. Line managers reserve the right to request sight of an appointment card.

Transport problems

Other situations may include the inability to get to work for one day or more or delayed arrival at work or early departure from work due to car breakdown, bad weather (i.e. heavy snow affecting transport), or delayed or cancelled transport services (i.e. flight delays on returning from holiday, industrial action affecting public transport). Alternative means of transport should always be explored to minimise absence from work.

Whether unplanned absence will be paid or unpaid, whether the employee will be allowed to take the time from their annual leave entitlement, or given the opportunity to make up the time by working additional hours on another day within a reasonable timeframe, will be at the discretion of the line manager, seeking advice from a HR Partner/Advisor if needed.

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