Networks and links

Member from the Department are involved in a variety of international and national network and maintain research links across the globe.

Legacy of Greek Political Thought Members

(Dr Foxley)
An international network, examining the connections that may be assumed, constructed, or rejected, between ancient Greek political thought and postclassical invocations of it. 

Completing the Calendar of Patent Rolls, Elizabeth 

(Professor Hoyle)
The patent rolls (The National Archives: Public Record Office, C 66) are one of the most important and valuable sources for the administrative, political and social history of the British Isles. From the thirteenth century, down to the present day, these documents have recorded the issue of royal letters open or 'patent', whereby the sovereign has conferred a privilege or communicated his or her will. Their contents provide key information about government action, intention and patronage, and they embrace a wide and varying range of business.

The Parker Certificates:  The state of the English clergy in 1559

(Dr Parish)
This project is a collaborative venture, led by Dr Helen Parish (University of Reading), with Dr Felicity Heal (Oxford), Professor Ralph Houlbrooke (Reading), and a Research Assistant, Dr Fiona Youngman, funded by the Leverhulme Trust.  The project involves the transcription and editing of the certificates returned to Archbishop Parker in 1561 detailing the state of the parochial clergy in England and Wales.  The certificates give an exceptionally full picture of the problems of the clergy at this critical moment after the Elizabethan Settlement, but have never been published in their entirety, or used comprehensively by historians.  The edited Certificates will be published by the Church of England Record Society.

The Williamite Universe

(Dr Mijers)
This international network was established in 2001 with the intention of providing a new, international meeting place for scholars interested in the period, regions and politico-cultural context defined by the Anglo-Dutch King- Stadholder William III (1650-1702). The network and its website are aimed at historians, but also at academics working in related disciplines, such as literature, art history, political theory, philosophy, theology, economics and international relations.

Professor Patrick Major and Dr Linda Risso are part of The Liberal Way of War project,  a major research programme funded by the Leverhulme Trust as part of their 'Liberty and Security' scheme.Interwar Rural Research group

Interwar Rural Research group

(Dr Burchardt)
The History department contains a strong cluster of modern historians specialising in British and American political history, and has close links to the Research Centre for Evacuee and War Child Studies: It also has a particular strength in the area of English rural history and the department has a number of specialists in this area. Rural History has an outstanding research facility in the form of the University's Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) homepage. 

European Integration Seminar

(Dr Risso)
The European integration history seminar takes place once a term in the Department of History. It gathers together postgraduate students and established academics. The seminar's scope is truly interdisciplinary and the participants are diplomatic and political historians as well as political scientists and international relations scholars. There are usually two or three speakers, who present their on-going research on a topic touching upon the history of European integration and the history of the Cold War more generally. The debate that follows the presentations expands to touch upon wider issues concerning archival research, methodology and the core issues involving the history of diplomatic relations. 

Past Seminars

Interdisciplinary Network for the Study of Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change

(Professor Worley)
Research into the phenomena surrounding subcultures has traversed the social sciences and humanities, and this Network aims to bring together recent studies, insights and methodological approaches in this rich, interdisciplinary field. Participating members include Professor John Street (UEA), Professor Bill Osgerby (London Metropolitan University), Dr Jon Garland (University of Surrey), Dr Lucy Robinson (University of Sussex), Dr Pete Webb (University of Cambridge), Dr Paul Hodkinson (University of Surrey), Dr Keith Gildart (University of Wolverhampton), Dr Sian Lincoln (Liverpool John Moores University) and Dr Anna Gough-Yates (London Metropolitan University).

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