Past Stenton Lectures

This series of publications by eminent historians consists of papers which are chronologically wide-ranging, concise in expression and moderate in price. Some are in their second edition and others have been recognised as unique statements on a specialised topic or as lively contributions to scholarly discussions of more general subjects.

Stenton Lectures in Print

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1968 - Magna Carta in the Historiography of the 16th and 17th Centuries, Sir Herbert Butterfield

1969 - Splendid Isolation 1763-80, Michael Roberts

1971 - English Linear Measures, Philip Grierson

1973 - Mussolini as a Military Leader, Denis Mack Smith

1974 - The Vikings in Francia, J.M. Wallace-Hadrill

1975 - Rule and Misrule in the Schools of Early Modem England, Keith Thomas

1976 - Relics and Social Status in the Age of Gregory ofTours, P.R.L. Brown

1977 - Horses in Early Modem England: for Service, for Pleasure, for Power, Joan Thirsk

1978 - Platonism, Scholastic Method, and the School of Chartres, Richard Southern

1979 - Ranke as Reformation Historian, A.G. Dickens

1980 - Professionalism, Property and English Society since 1880, Harold Perkin

1981 - What's in a Name? Family Nomenclature and the Norman Conquest, J.C. Holt

1982 - The French Revolution and Democracy, Norman Hampson

1983 - Nuremberg and after: the continuing History of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, G. Best

1984 - David I of Scotland (1124-1153): The Balance of New and Old, G.W.S. Barrow

1985- From Iconoclasm to Iconophobia: the Cultural Impact of the Second English Reformation, P. Collinson

1986 - The Modem British Monarchy: a study in Adaptation, John Cannon

1987 - Stubbs and the English State, James Campbell

1988 - Orphans and Foundlings in Early Modem Europe, Brian Pullan

1989 - Insular Outsider? 'British History' and European Integration, K.G. Robbins

1990 - The Piper and the Tune: Medieval Patrons and Monks, Christopher Holdsworth

1991 - The Addled Parliament of 1614: The Limits of Revision, Conrad Russell

1992 - Mozart and the Habsburgs, Derek Beales

1993 - Two Conversions to Christianity: The Bulgarians and the Anglo-Saxons, Henry Mayr-Harting

1994 - Britain and Spain in America: Colonists and Colonized, John Elliott

1995 - How European are the French? Douglas Johnson

1996 - The English and the Community of Europe, Donald Matthew

1997 - The Sense of a Past in Eighteenth-Century Medicine, Ludmilla Jordanova

1998 - Race and War: Lyndon Johnson and William Fulbright, Tony Badger

1999 - Re-ordering the Past and Negotiating the Present in Stenton's 'First Century', David Bates

2001 - 'The Island of England' in the Fifteenth Century: Perceptions of the Peoples of the British Isles,

Ralph Griffiths

2002 - Hitler: Anatomy of a Dictator, Ian Kershaw

2003 - 'Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears a Crown': Dynastic Crises in Tudor and Stewart Britain 1504-1746, John Morrill

2004 - Abraham Lincoln & the Fourth Estate: The White House & the Press during the American Civil War, Richard Carwardine

2005 - Sir Frank Stenton and the Vikings, Janet Nelson

2006 - The Growth of a Provincial Press in Sixteenth-century Europe, Andrew Pettegree

2007 - The Pursuit of Reality: The Nemirovsky Effect, Rod Kedward

2008 - The Challenge of State Building in the Twelfth Century: the Crusader States in Palestine and Syria, Malcolm Barber

2009 - Collecting the Objects of History: Past Historic, Future Imperfect?, Neil MacGregor

2010 - Plenty of People: Perceptions of Population in early modern England, Paul Stack



Stenton's Anglo-Saxon England 50 years on - Donald Matthew- ISBN 9780704904484 £15.00


Stenton Lectures Not in Print

2011 - On the Limits of Democratic Art, John Howard

2012 - War, Women and Enslavement in Medieval Britain, John Gillingham

2014 - Writing the history of one's own times, Peter Hennessy

2015 – Why Does Agincourt Matter, Anne Curry

2016 – Britain’s Wars with France, 1793-1815, and their contribution to the consolidation of its Industrial Revolution, Patrick K. O’Brien

2017 – The Russian Revolution: A Hundred Years On, Steve Smith

2018 – The Letters of England's Kings and Queens 1154-1215: A Vast New Resource?, Nicholas Vincent

2019 - The Question of Pagan Survivals in the Christian Middle Ages, Ronald Hutton

2020 – postponed until 2021



Stenton Lectures with Electronic Publication

2000 - Past Imperfect: reflections on giving women a past, Olwen Hufton - Past Imperfect: Reflections on giving women a past (2000) (PDF - 514KB)

2013 - 'From Jacobitism to the SNP: the Crown, the Union and the Scottish Question' ,Colin Kidd 


Ordering the Stenton Lectures in Print

This can now be ordered and paid for by credit card following this link:

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Volumes up to 1984 inclusive are priced at £2.00, those up to 2008 are priced at £3.00, 2010 onwards is £3.50, except the 1995 volume which is £4.00. Reductions of one third are given on all orders of twelve copies or more (single or mixed titles).

If you still wish to pay by cheque please send requests by e-mail to supplying your name, postal address and the lecture/s you are interested in purchasing. Or by post to Executive Administration Officer, University of Reading, School of Humanities, Whiteknights, Reading, RG6 6AA enclosing a cheque made out to the 'University of Reading' allowing £1.50 for postage and packing.


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