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Dr Daniel Renshaw
Job Title:

I currently teach the part one courses 'Journeys Through History 1', the part two option module 'Europe in the Twentieth Century', the part three option 'Poor Law to Hostile Environment' and teach jointly with Professor Matthew Worley the part three topic module 'Political Extremism in Britain'.

Areas of Interest:

My research focuses on migration to Britain and across Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and more broadly on concepts of diaspora, identity, self-definitions and contested belonging since 1800. I am particularly interested in the various forms that migrant interactions take -with a host society, within the migrant community itself, and with other migrant groups sharing geographical or chronological space. My research also looks at the relationships between minority groups and radical left-wing politics from the Victorian period onwards. In my work I examine the cyclical nature of responses to migration. I am currently working on a project analysing the concept of the repatriation of migrant groups in modern Britain from the 1840s up to 2016. I am also interested in the intersections between 'difference' - economic, religious and ethnic - and the revival of the gothic novel in the 1890s. My book, Socialism and the Diasporic 'Other', a comparative study of Jewish and Irish communal politics in the East End from 1889 to 1912, was published by Liverpool University Press in early Spring 2018.

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