Centre for Institutional Performance (CIP)


The centre focuses on issues at the interface of economics, politics, sociology and history. It examines the nature of the institutions used to coordinate activities in different sectors of the economy, including high-technology industries, consumer goods industries, network industries and service industries. It investigates issues relating to consumer protection, the regulation of transport and utility industries, and the role of non-profit institutions (charities, national and local government, etc.) in the provision of goods and services. Adopting a comparative historical perspective, it analyses the evolution of institutional arrangements in different countries over long periods of time.

It sponsors a regular programme of conferences and workshops (about four per year), some of which are held in conjunction with the Centre for Economic History.

Members of the Centre have carried out consulting projects for government departments including Business Innovation and Skills, UK Trade and Investment, HM Treasury, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. They have also consulted for the European Commission, UNCTAD, UN-ECLAC, and the World Bank.

Our aims are:
  • To support policy-makers in creating institutional arrangements conducive to the effective implementation of policy in a wide variety of contexts;
  • To assist managers in business, public and charitable enterprises to improve the performance of their organizations;
  • To contribute to policy debate on long-term issues of social and economic significance, such as building trust, improving social cohesion, encouraging ethical consumption and promoting economic and financial stability. We are involved in policy debates concerning households, firms and communities in both developed and developing countries.

The centre is a joint venture between the School of Politics, Economics and International Relationship (SPEIR) and the Henley Business School (HBS), and is financed by SPEIR.

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