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human anatomyThe study of the many ways in which the arts and humanities intersect with the sciences of health and wellbeing is a growing part of research across the University of Reading. The health sciences and the arts and humanities are taught, researched and practiced as separate disciplines, yet they have a long tradition of looking to each other for elucidation and inspiration. They share a common interest in the most fundamental questions relating to the human condition: how do we stay healthy, how has the health practices of the past determined who we are today, and what is at stake when we explore our cultural perceptions of health and wellbeing?

Our work on this theme here at Reading is divided into three main subject areas:

Through these interlinking areas, which draw upon various forms of expertise, we explore some of the most important subjects in health enquiry today, from the phenomenology of sickness, the effects and perceptions of ageing, to cultural understandings of physiological variation.

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