Felix Scholarships


Scholarships for students from India and other developing countries

What is available

Indian FlagUnder the prestigious Felix Scholarships scheme, the following awards will be available for programmes starting in September 2019, to candidates who can demonstrate academic excellence and financial need

Indian citizens

Six Felix Scholarships will be available to pursue postgraduate study (at either PhD or Masters level) at the University, starting in September 2019.

Students from developing countries

One award, for study at Masters level only, will be made to a student from a developing country*. PhD candidates from developing countries should not apply for the Felix Scholarships and should instead consider other funding options (including those listed in our wider list of funding opportunities).

What the awards provide

These scholarships cover tuition fees at the international rate and provide a stipend (maintenance grant) to cover living expenses (the current level of which is £14,570). They also provide generous allowances for clothes, books and a return flight home. The awards are available (depending on eligibility) for up to 3 years.

Criteria and conditions for candidates 

  • You must demonstrate financial need
  • You must possess at least a first-class honours degree from a University or comparable institution
  • You must not hold a degree from a University outside your home country
  • You must not have studied outside your home country for one year or more
  • All candidates already holding a Masters degree cannot apply for the Masters scholarships. Indian candidates already holding a PhD degree cannot apply for the PhD scholarship.
  • Candidates are expected by the Trust to return to work in their home country following their study
  • You must have been accepted for admission by the University by 30 January 2019 to be considered for shortlisting. You should therefore apply for admission at the earliest opportunity. Candidates who have an academic condition on their offer of admission (such as completion of a qualification they are currently working towards) will need to successfully meet that condition by the short-listing stage (w/c 18 March 2019) in order to be considered for this year's competition; they should otherwise consider applying to the competition next year.

How to apply for the Scholarship

Candidates must:

1) Complete an online application for admission to a Postgraduate Degree at the University of Reading and hold an offer of admission by the deadline (30 January 2019).

Apply online for admission to your postgraduate degree at Reading

2) Complete the electronic form at the bottom of this webpage in order to express your interest in being considered for the Felix Scholarships. This will ask you to confirm that you have read (and comply with) the Felix Scholarship criteria listed above. Do not complete this form unless you have a valid 8-digit applicant number (ID number) from the University's online Admissions system otherwise it will not be accepted.

3) Eligible candidates will then be considered for nomination by their academic School / Department at Stage One. If you are successful in being nominated, you will receive a request on Monday 18 February 2019 asking you to complete a full Felix application form. This must be returned by Friday 22 February 2019.

4) Nominees will then be considered for shortlisting by the University level panel in March 2019. If you are shortlisted by the University, you will be notified. Candidates for the Indian awards will be asked by representatives of the Felix Trust to attend an interview in India during April/May 2019.

Deadline for applications

30 January 2019

Additional information about the Felix Scholarship scheme, which also runs at the University of Oxford and at the School of Oriental & African Studies, can also be found on the external Felix Scholarship website.

*The Felix Trustees have indicated that the 1 Scholarship available to students from 'developing countries' is aimed primarily at candidates from Africa and excludes "all Western countries, including most of the European Community, and China / Taiwan". If nominated by the University for the award, the eligibility of high quality candidates from countries other than India and Africa will need to be approved by the Felix Trustees.

Please note that the application window for Felix Scholarships is now closed.


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