School Directors of Postgraduate Research Studies

School Directors of Postgraduate Research Studies have a key role within the Schools in which they operate. While the exact nature of this role depends on the context of the School, they oversee a range of areas relevant to Postgraduate Research Students, including recruitment and admissions, induction and training and the monitoring of progress. The core elements of the role are set out in the generic job description (PDF - 97 KB).

Our briefing document for new Directors of Postgraduate Research Studies contains useful information on the main tasks of the role.

In some Schools, elements of the role are handled at a Departmental level and, where this occurs, details of the person performing the role are included below.

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Arts and Communication Design: Associate Professor Alison Butler (

Art (Dept.): Dr Pil Kollectiv (; Dr Galia Kollectiv (  

Humanities: Dr Rachel Foxley (

Law: Dr Charlotte Smith ( and Dr Therese Callus(; Dr Dimitrios Kyritsis (Deputy Director -

Literature and Languages: Dr Par Kumaraswami (

Politics, Economics and International Relations: Dr Rob Jubb (

Henley Business School

Business Informatics, Systems and Accounting: Dr Stephen Gulliver (; Dr Liang Han (            

International Business and Strategy:

Professor Davide Castellani (

ICMA: Professor Michael Clements ( 

Leadership, Organisation and Behaviour: Dr Evelyn Fenton (

Marketing and Reputation: Dr Mike Molesworth (

Real Estate and Planning: Professor Gianluca Marcato (    

DBA (Director of Programme): Dr Claire Collins (  

Life Sciences

Agriculture, Policy and Development: Professor Martin Lukac (

Biological Sciences: Dr Faustina Hwang (

Chemistry Food and Pharmacy: Dr Paz Vaqueiro (

Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences: Dr Julia Vogt (; Dr Eugene McSorley (


Built Environment: Dr Libby Schweber (; Dr Ben Potter (

Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Science: Dr Gundula Mueldner (

Archaeology PGR Programme: Professor Roger Matthews (

Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences: Dr Marcus TIndall (

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