South East ESRC Doctoral Training Centre (DTC)

The University of Reading is very pleased to be part of the South East ESRC Doctoral Training Centre (DTC), a consortium bringing together the Universities of Kent, Royal Holloway and Surrey to provide outstanding postgraduate training for doctoral researchers in the social sciences.

South East ESRC DTCThe South East DTC is accredited by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and draws on a rich variety of collaborations in research and in research training across the partner institutions; it also benefits from advanced training links to other Universities in the region.

South East DTC PhD studentships:

This year's competition, for South East DTC PhD Studentships (including 1+3 studentships) commencing study in September 2016, is now open. These awards, which are awarded on a competitive basis across the Universities within consortium, provide funding to cover both fees and a stipend (currently £14,057).

Awards are available on a '+3' basis (standard PhD studentship) or '1+3' basis (1-year Masters, followed by 3-year PhD in cognate area).

We are looking for students across a wide range of Social Science disciplines and related multidisciplinary areas. Students wishing to study at Reading, and who meet the ESRC Residential guidelines*, are eligible to apply for DTC Studentships in the following pathways (corresponding School / Departments are listed in the right hand column):


Pathway (Pathway Contacts)

Academic School or Department at Reading Deadline


(Dr Zahra Siddique)

Politics, Economics and International Relations (School) 2 February 2016 (4pm)

Human Geography

(Dr Chukwumerije Okereke)

Geography and Environmental Science (Department) 2 February 2016 (4pm)

Management and Business Studies

(Dr Alfonso Dufour

Management (School) 2 February 2016 (4pm)

Political Science and International Studies

(Dr Rob Jubb)

Politics, Economics and International Relations (School)


2 February 2016 (4pm)



(Professor Judi Ellis)

Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences(School)

14 December 2015

You must contact the School Director of Postgraduate Research, Professor Judi Ellis, as soon as possible via  

Socio-legal studies

(Dr Therese Callus)

Law (School) 5 January 2016

Environment, Energy and Resilience (interdisciplinary pathway)

(Dr C S Srinivasan)

Agriculture, Policy and Development(School)

Real Estate & Planning

Geography and Environmental Science (Department)

2 February 2016 (4pm)

How to apply for South East DTC Studentships:

Candidates for these awards will need to complete two parallel applications: one for Admissions for Postgraduate study and one for the studentships.

  1. Contact your preferred department and supervisor to discuss your proposed studies and then apply online in the normal way. When completing your online application for admission, please indicate that you are applying for an ESRC DTC studentship by writing 'ESRC DTC' in the 'Scholarships applied for' box which appears within the Funding Section of your online application. Please note that if you are applying for a 1+3 studentship (Masters + PhD in a related area), you will need to submit an application for both programmes; in such cases, offers of Admission for Doctoral studies will in some cases be conditional upon successful completion of the Masters element).
  2. Complete the application documents for a DTC Studentship, which include a) Studentship application form b) Equal opportunities form and c) two references. You are advised to read the 'Guidance Notes on completing the application form' (available via the above link) beforehand. You will also need to work with your supervisor / Academic School to complete this paperwork.

If you are interested in following the Environment, Energy and Resilience Pathway, please discuss this with your supervisor and complete the relevant section of the DTC Studentship application form.

If you have already completed your application to study at Reading, there is no need to reapply, BUT you will still need to complete the DTC Studentship application form as set out under '2' above.

Studentships will be awarded across the DTC on the basis of the excellence of the proposal, excellence of the student and the fit to the research areas.

Application deadline:

Please note that, although there is an external deadline (2 February 2016), each pathway may have its own internal deadline for applications; these will be added to the table above once confirmed.   



*Students who are normally resident outside the EU and who do not have citizenship of an EU country are not eligible for these awards.


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